Cross-docking is a complex process with many details and therefore demands maturity from clients and suppliers in the sense of knowing how to be able to admit their needs and limitations. Cross-docking is indicated for consistent operations with a large outflow when the space and business resources limit the velocity of the operation and can result in collateral costs like storage, delay fees with vehicles and container, in addition to operational costs like employee overtime. A well planned cross-docking is not only about outflow but it also has the premisse to aggregate value to the logistic chain, speeding up the next stages, like checking points, cargo palletization, labelling, fiscal documents check, etc. That will promote a safe and fast operation since the aggregated steps of the process won’t be done in the clients warehouses.


Suzanlog has put together its expertise of over ten years on the international market and qualified globally in door to door operations, freight forwarding and custom clearance.