Our Redex Terminal’s (Special Enclosure to Export Customs Clearance) objective is to facilitate the attendance and operationalization of the export logistics allowing a faster activity which centralizes all the export and clearance processes with Suzanlog, obtaining administrative and operation cost reductions to export shipments that come into our Special Enclosure for customs. In numbers, choosing REDEX represents a 30% logistics cost reduction, particularly in processes with special characteristics or parameterized with red import channel. That cost reduction is essential to make exportation companies competitive for the international market. Those companies will also count with an additional advantage: the possibility to embark smaller lots, because if the company is unable to complete the capacity of a container, their cargo can go to REDEX where it will be added with cargo from other companies to fill the container. Consolidation is developed by the Suzanlog cargo agency department.


Suzanlog has put together its expertise of over ten years on the international market and qualified globally in door to door operations, freight forwarding and custom clearance.