Multimodal Transport is characterized by using two or more transportation modals (sea, road, air and rail) in a single logistics solution. When reasonably used, Intermodality can reduce logistics costs. Since containers can be easily transferred from a modal to another, the result is optimization in cargo shifting and the reduction of accident and liability risks. We have a OTM certification supplied by the Transportation National Agency – ANTT. Therefore OTM is responsible for each transportation stage, from cargo collecting, to bureaucratic processes, between cargo transportation and delivery. This way you pay a single freight and reduce your costs. You will experience a more practical and fast process with eventuality reduction and will be able to demand from the OTM all the obligations concerning transportation. The advantage with Multimodal Transportation lies in the efficient combination of multiple means of transportation, optimizing deadlines and reducing storage costs, keeping cargo costs under control. This combination also results in environment sustainability since it reduces the environmental impacts. But even though it counts with the support of environmentalists and cargo transportation specialists, intermodality can induce to certain costs from using modal interface such as handling and transhipment. However you can hire a transportation company that handles the interface between the different modals without involving the importer or exporter. To more complexes shipments or a complete exploration between the quality and the cost to every part of the transport, multimodality is a good option and sometimes the only option to be considered, particularly from or to countries that have no seashore frontier.


Suzanlog has put together its expertise of over ten years on the international market and qualified globally in door to door operations, freight forwarding and custom clearance.