Our mission is to facilitate the import and export processes between buyers and sellers from different countries. Our role as a Trading Company unit is to connect buyers and sellers from different countries diminishing obstacles. We create every kind of planning to identify the best opportunities and offer the most advantageous fiscal and logistics options. In planning operations, Suzanlog saves time and money for clients. With experience and knowledge, our specialists know which negotiation conditions are more interesting to spare the clients the search for all the needed information. With professionals that dominate many languages, Suzanlog has the advantage to reduce language and culture barriers, achieving a more fluid communication in negotiations. To our many clients we offer a large contact network, reducing the possibility of lack in a certain commodity, providing more choices and options. The services we offer provide more security in the import processes, like: inspection, international insurance and freight with the most reliable transportation companies in the market. Compared to having your own import team we offer a smaller cost if noted that formal working relations in Brazil are expensive.


Suzanlog has put together its expertise of over ten years on the international market and qualified globally in door to door operations, freight forwarding and custom clearance.