We conduct a detailed study about the characteristics and technical specifications of each line of product, observing every important point about storage conditions like safety, stacking and packaging, going through movement equipment, temperature and humidity control, chemical products compatibility and attending to every norm of each product. Our structure is flexible and can be quickly adapted to the most rigorous demands in storage criteria.


Multimodal specialist for national and international transportation of special and extra heavy and over dimensioned cargo.


Cargo consolidation is done when there is a need of a container optimal usage and there isn’t enough cargo to fill a unit. In those cases it is interesting to study the alternatives to reduce logistics costs. However it is important to observe important circumstances like product compatibility. Chemical, hygiene and edible products may present restrictions. But general cargo won’t present compatibility issues.


Commodity transportation and distribution is an essential activity to every business and product manufacturer. Planning how you are going to deliver your product to your clients require a strategic operation to consider, anticipate and make accounts of every variable that may affect moving items from a point A to a point B. Even though every transportation and distribution plan is distinct, there are key aspects to every one of them. Your plan must touch and reflect all the points that surround transportation and distribution, but developed especially for the reality of your business. Suzanlog helps you designing the higher level of service to your final customer with the best cost-benefit ratio.


Outsourcing logistics operations, known today as 3PL, is a powerful tool to achieve control of every process in storage and transportation processes. Through In-House Logistics, businesses can focus time and investment to their core business. Upon hiring, Suzanlog will be responsible to redesign and implement the clients’ logistics guidelines. In our In-House Operations, Suzanlog offers the option to deploy the same technology applied in our own warehouse, with advanced WMS that racionalize and accelerates operations, reducing costs and lapses or we can proceed with the clients’ system to support a strategic need. The main positive point is personalized services, that way we can focus and dedicate our storage and distribution operations resulting in safety increasement with operations costs and ineffectiveness being reduced by using our own infrastructure.


Cross-docking is a complex process with many details and therefore demands maturity from clients and suppliers in the sense of knowing how to be able to admit their needs and limitations. Cross-docking is indicated for consistent operations with a large outflow when the space and business resources limit the velocity of the operation and can result in collateral costs like storage, delay fees with vehicles and container, in addition to operational costs like employee overtime. A well planned cross-docking is not only about outflow but it also has the premisse to aggregate value to the logistic chain, speeding up the next stages, like checking points, cargo palletization, labelling, fiscal documents check, etc. That will promote a safe and fast operation since the aggregated steps of the process won’t be done in the clients warehouses.


Since custom clearance processes are normally bureaucratic and with restricted information, Suzanlog identified an opportunity to help clients with custom clearance services. Within the advantages offered by hiring our services are: time saving, deadline fulfillment, technical assistance and import and export processes monitoring. Our professionals know every step of the way, and the ways to avoid unexpected issues in clearing your cargo. And to avoid the unforeseen we count with specialized professionals. Suzanlog offers a completely computerized service integrated to the main brazilian comex systems offering tracking information of your import export processes in real time. We offer specific analysis of each step of the process guiding on the fulfillment of the customs legislation and evaluating the possibility of cost reduction in the logistics operation. Other than Customs Clearance, we aggregate value advising and providing all the documentation necessary, such as: packing list, invoice, certification, letter of credit attendance, international insurance, booking, export registration, exchange hiring and document remittance, among other processes in full agreement with the destination country or other specific buyer’s demand. Suzanlog works as an extension of the client, jointly with our international transportation area, to guide you through the best logistics options and cost reduction for the operation.


DTA Custom Clearance is the regime that allows, under custom control, from one clearance territory to another with tax reduction. This regime subsists from the origin point (itinerary starting point) to the destination point (itinerary final point), and from the moment of the clearance of the custom transit done by the Internal Revenue Service until the certification of the arrival of the cargo by the destination’s repartition. This is a specialized service that needs a special authorization to be done. Suzanlog has the know how and expertise as well as qualified personnel to coordinate custom transit operations with high complexity characteristics that may generate financial lost and fines if they don’t attend the demands and deadlines established by the custom authorities.


-National and international road freight transport services;
-Linehaul services across our global network;
– Metropolitan Couriers;
-Express road services;
-National express road services for parcels;
-Transportation of dangerous goods;
-DTA customs transport;
-PUD contract services;
– Premium freight services across our global network;
-Drayage / cartage;
-Flexible grouping and LTL and FTL services offered with high professional competence, personalized service and personalized solutions.


In stuffing operations you can’t leave empty room inside the container. When it is completely filled living no empty spaces and the product packing is uniform there is no problem. But when the cargo is not sufficient to fill a container it needs to be properly tied and wired with ropes and extenders or anchored by the filling of the spaces with wooden racks or platforms, props, air bags or any other structure that keeps the cargo from moving inside the container and getting damaged as well as damaging the container. In container stuffing it is necessary to take into account equipment’s point of balance to avoid problems and accidents, since cargo that does not respect that aspect won’t give the container the necessary balance to be properly manipulated by the moving gears. If a merchant presents irregular packing or weight differences within each other there is the need to take special care with the stuffing to avoid weight excess in one of the sides. Heavier cargo must be put under the lighter ones and if they are in a small quantity they must be placed in the center of the container to preserve its point of balance and give stability. When there isn’t enough cargo to fill an entire container, the floor must be the first place to be filled and never the back of it. Stuffing can be accomplished manually volume by volume or using a forklift and pallets to transport cargo inside the container or even a conveyor belt in the case of roofless containers. Another concern for stuffing is about IMO hazardous load because they have specific legislations and restrictions about packing and quantity. Suzanlog has qualified personnel specialized in Danger Goods Regulation DGR – IATA, and responsible by plan and project development for stuffing and boarding for road, air and sea shipment.


Consolidation and deconsolidation of cargo is a process that takes place in import and export boarding. Consolidation happens in export boarding and is characterized by the packing of one or multiple cargo batches in a container. Deconsolidation occurs for import boarding and is characterized. by the removal of one or multiple batches from a container. This process is identified as a mechanism to reduce costs. The simpler strategy to consolidate cargo is to postpone shipping in a determined route until there is enough load to reach maximum capacity in the transportation vehicle. The problem with that is sometimes it affects negatively client services both in delivery deadline and its consistency. Cargo consolidation allows the gathering of many shippings both from a single or multiple shippers to a same destination, benefiting from scale economy. Fractional cargo are characterized by having small load amount embarked according to the used modal or packing unit,
like a container. Fractional cargo are recognized by different types of product and irregular demands according to a time frame. In international logistics, specially in fast modals like aerial, cargo consolidation generates economy scale, distributing permanent costs by a larger volume of imported products, aside from raising the power to negotiate international freight, which turns into something more advantageous the higher the volume and weight. Our import export team conducts detailed studies about consolidation and embark opportunities in all transportation modals presenting pros and cons of every alternative and delivering precise and quality information to the client’s decision making process.


Promotional logistics is composed of many stages that begin at the material receiving, assemble and shipping of the kit to the selling point. This process is responsible for a large scale of generated costs in a marketing campaign and influences the success of a strategy. To help guarantee operational efficiency and therefore a successful performance for a marketing campaign, businesses need to structure these actions beforehand, since they might face bureaucratic and operational obstacles undermining the actions success. Our team will create a study ponctuating important steps of the process, verifying about specific licenses needs, and evaluating the implementation of the project. This stage consists in detailed evaluating about the product’s characteristics and specifications, physical space adequacy, license and authorization acquisition and the elaboration of a timetable with the steps to implement the project. Even though that operation might seem simple, it is filled with details that, if ignored, may generate future liabilities, when an operation can be erroneously classified as repacking and for the tax office classified as a industrialization process, fitting it into a completely fiscal classification than a simple packing or repacking, with the incidence of different federal and state taxes.


The nationalization and labeling merchandise process must be done flexibly and quickly using modern solutions to control and monitor all movements to avoid problems with deadlines, safety, merchandise lost and legal proceedings. Tha nationalized product can receive a new label or tag with information indicated by the client, enabling it to be associated with a national brand and avoiding financial damage and client loss. Aside from the logistics, labeling and identification with regulation seals, there is a bureaucratic step as important as the other steps, where licenses to import documents, import declarations and import statement must be available to consult every time they are solicited by fiscal and regulatory agencies. We are vigilant to those details and will assist your business to a safe and efficient operation.


Our mission is to facilitate the import and export processes between buyers and sellers from different countries. Our role as a Trading Company unit is to connect buyers and sellers from different countries diminishing obstacles. We create every kind of planning to identify the best opportunities and offer the most advantageous fiscal and logistics options. In planning operations, Suzanlog saves time and money for clients. With experience and knowledge, our specialists know which negotiation conditions are more interesting to spare the clients the search for all the needed information. With professionals that dominate many languages, Suzanlog has the advantage to reduce language and culture barriers, achieving a more fluid communication in negotiations. To our many clients we offer a large contact network, reducing the possibility of lack in a certain commodity, providing more choices and options. The services we offer provide more security in the import processes, like: inspection, international insurance and freight with the most reliable transportation companies in the market. Compared to having your own import team we offer a smaller cost if noted that formal working relations in Brazil are expensive.


Our Redex Terminal’s (Special Enclosure to Export Customs Clearance) objective is to facilitate the attendance and operationalization of the export logistics allowing a faster activity which centralizes all the export and clearance processes with Suzanlog, obtaining administrative and operation cost reductions to export shipments that come into our Special Enclosure for customs. In numbers, choosing REDEX represents a 30% logistics cost reduction, particularly in processes with special characteristics or parameterized with red import channel. That cost reduction is essential to make exportation companies competitive for the international market. Those companies will also count with an additional advantage: the possibility to embark smaller lots, because if the company is unable to complete the capacity of a container, their cargo can go to REDEX where it will be added with cargo from other companies to fill the container. Consolidation is developed by the Suzanlog cargo agency department.


We have an exclusive department to attend companies that need consulting specialized in obtaining the habilitation from the RADAR/SISCOMEX system. We analyze the peculiarities of every client with the most skilled consulting, reducing time to owning habilitation in the Brazilian Federal Revenue. Siscomex is a computerized instrument whereby government controls the brazilian comex activities. It is a facilitating instrument which allows the adoption of a single flow of information, eliminating parallel control and diminishing significantly the volume of documents involved in the operation. Siscomex promotes the activity integration between all the comex regulatory organs, including exchange, making it easier to track, orient and control the diverse stages of the import export process. With our team it will be quicker and safer to obtain this certificate and access all of its facilities.


Suzanlog offers freight forwarding to air, sea and road cargo transportation both nationally and internationally, with a global presence with 370 partner offices in over 90 countries around the world, promoting the necessary processes from origin to destination for all types of cargo and modals. We are a member of the WCA – World Cargo Agency, the largest and most powerful network of Freight Forward agents in the world, with over 7121 member offices in 191 countries. Additionally we obtained a member certificate from IATA, the main commercial airlines association of the world, representing 290 air companies and 82% of the total air traffic. Suzanlog offers an integrated solution to support and flexibilize international business processes, providing an integrated environment where one single platform is responsible for managing the comex supply chain, freight forwarding, storage, transportation, custom clearance, exchange operations and establishing safe international connections for our clients.


Multimodal Transport is characterized by using two or more transportation modals (sea, road, air and rail) in a single logistics solution. When reasonably used, Intermodality can reduce logistics costs.
Since containers can be easily transferred from a modal to another, the result is optimization in cargo shifting and the reduction of accident and liability risks. We have a OTM certification supplied by the Transportation National Agency – ANTT. Therefore OTM is responsible for each transportation stage, from cargo collecting, to bureaucratic processes, between cargo transportation and delivery. This way you pay a single freight and reduce your costs. You will experience a more practical and fast process with eventuality reduction and will be able to demand from the OTM all the obligations concerning transportation. The advantage with Multimodal Transportation lies in the efficient combination of multiple means of transportation, optimizing deadlines and reducing storage costs, keeping cargo costs under control. This combination also results in environment sustainability since it reduces the environmental impacts. But even though it counts with the support of environmentalists and cargo transportation specialists, intermodality can induce to certain costs from using modal interface such as handling and transhipment. However you can hire a transportation company that handles the interface between the different modals without involving the importer or exporter. To more complexes shipments or a complete exploration between the quality and the cost to every part of the transport, multimodality is a good option and sometimes the only option to be considered, particularly from or to countries that have no seashore frontier.



With a broad range of services, we cover different types of equipment and consolidation services to guarantee that your cargo reaches the defined location at the right time and with a great cost-benefit relation. And to offer more reliability, we conduct partnerships to guarantee space protection in seaports around the world. We also offer regular shippings with the best transit times with the lowest costs, using our consolidated relationships with maritime companies to attend the needs of large volume transportation negotiations and providing clear, objective and flexible tracking according to the client’s needs through our Tracking System, the follow-up is made available over the internet to be accessed everywhere at every time. We have EDI link with the merchant navy securing the correct information transmission.


Maritime cargo transportation is divided into two categories, FCL (full container load) and LCL (less than container load). FCL is indicated in cases where the exporter has enough cargo to fill a container and LCL for when the exporter does not have enough cargo and sharing a container with other exporters may be a valuable solution. FCL and LCL cargo shipping provided by Suzanlog guarantees a liable safe and economic door to door transportation globally. We have a large range of equipment to offer custom made solutions to every type of commodity. The biggest advantage of this type of transportation is that the total freight cost is reduced, once rates are divided between all the exporters, since each of them pay only for the space they occupied. On the other hand, the Logistics Operators, as well as the transportation companies, save not only space but also in the number of trips they’ll do, employee payment, bureaucratic and bookkeeping expenses and gain a lot on productivity.
Concentrating cargo and lots in pattern following units facilitates not only transportation but also control and movement. Machine, equipment and all the infrastructure involved in the process can follow a same pattern, which makes processes cheaper and reduce other logistics costs.


We integrate the main seaports in Brazil and Argentina – from Manaus to Buenos Aires. The South Atlantic and Amazon Services operate in weekly scale. We rely on a extense intermodal network which integrates all regions in Brazil with Mercosul connections.




Effective transportation and freight management are essential to your success. You can count on Suzanlog to provide a large scale of transportation services to attend your requirements on cost and level of service.


Suzanlog Supply Chain Solutions offers a network management solution that will help you administer everything, from intermodal transportation through dedicated contract transportation till air, sea, highway and rail freight agencies as well as other services in the supply chain. Network management provides project, administration and transportation execution in a extensive way, which helps optimizing your transportation network regardless of its size and complexity.


From a medium to a large sized transportation program, Suzanlog Supply Chain Solutions can project a management transport solution that offers better comercial performance with competitive freight rates and reduced administrative expenses. We can help you turn your transportation program into a more economical one and easier to manage. The benefits include a classification and routing online tool, contract management and specialized operators relations, sending visibility and managing reports.


Enjoy the regional, inter-regional and long distance resources from Suzanlog, as well as guaranteed options and urgent deliveries. Offshore and international coverage is also available. Our special solutions range varies from flexible fair services to certified government services and public bidding. Visit the Suzanlog website to obtain more information about our LTL services. Flexible grouping and LTL or FTL services offered with high professional skills, personalized attendance and services.


If you need a dedicated fleet or a single complete cargo movement, Suzanlog Freight offers a variety of transportation services to attend the needs of your business. For more information, visit Suzanlog Freight website or call +55 11 4745-5555. Extensive and reliable operators network able to provide LTL, FTL and ground expedition remittance. Complete solution in freight management with our high tech Transportation Managing System (TMS). TMS has a lot of resources including freight optimization, lower cost route selection and administrating capacity for the execution and visibility sending without problems.


  • international and national transportation services for merchandise
  • linehaul services in our entire global network
  • metropolitan post offices
  • express highway services
  • national highway services for express order
  • dangerous cargo transportation
  • DTA customs transportation
  • PUD contract services
  • premium freight services in all global network
  • drayage / cartage
  • Flexible grouping and LTL and FTL services offered with high professional skill, personal attendance and solutions.


Suzanlog has put together its expertise of over ten years on the international market and qualified globally in door to door operations, freight forwarding and custom clearance.